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venue 215A King Edward Ave
Scottsville Pietermaritzburg
cost Primary school students - R880 four lessons with supporting resources
High school students (gr8-11) - R990 four lessons with supporting resources
Grade 12 students - R1100 four online lessons

We have satellite centres based at:
Longmarket Girls School
St Nicholas Diocesan School
Scottsville Primary School
Heritage Academy
Prestbury Primary School
Northern Park Primary School
Laddsworth Primary School
Howick Preparatory School
age From 6 years - 18 years old

Personalised tuition for grade 1-12 in English, Afrikaans, Maths and Science

We will assess your child and devise a personalised academic programme to help them achieve their true potential. We are proud to offer programs with individual attention in English, Maths and Afrikaans for grade 1 to 12 and Physical Science for Grade 10 to 12.

Our mission

To use the proven Tutor methodology to ensure each and every child who walks in our door, walks out standing tall, having made leaps in both academic grades and self-belief.

We nurture champions

TUTOR was established in 2000 and has helped thousands of school children achieve their potential. TUTOR in Pietermaritzburg is run by Lauren Fryer - an enthusiastic, qualified teacher, who believes the vast capacity of every human brain can be tapped, given the right context and opportunity. With our team of exceptional tutors and the highly successful programs, we do just that.

With Tutor, your child will...

* master the fundamentals of the subject
* thrive on individual attention
* understand at last
* bring home encouraging reports
* experience a deep sense of achievement
* take away invaluable lessons for life-long learning
* gain new-found confidence to face challenges

Why choose Tutor?

* We have enjoyed over 20 years of success
* Our programme is tailored for South African school pupils
* We conduct comprehensive individual assessments
* We pinpoint concepts your child has missed and build from there
* We plan a unique programme for your child
* We give one-on-one, personal tuition and individual attention
* We monitor progress continuously
* It’s about mastering the fundamentals, not speed
* Many well-respected leaders in education support Tutor and our approach


We offer personalised tuition in English, Afrikaans, science and maths
* Mathematics—We build up the basics, focus on areas of weakness and keep up with current work.
* Reading and phonics—Vital to your child’s education! We use phonics as a basis for reading and spelling.
* Comprehension—Our pupils practice all aspects of comprehension of written text - with lots of repetition.
* Spelling—Our comprehensive programme includes phonics, high-frequency words and spelling rules.
* Grammar—Our students learn the building-blocks of formal written English, language and grammar.
* Creative writing—We teach our students how to write a “good story” and give them plenty of practice in different forms of written expression.
* Afrikaans—We cover spelling, reading, comprehension, language and vocabulary development.
* Science-Quality tutoring for physics and chemistry for high school students

TUTOR plugs the gaps in our students’ knowledge and understanding. And so much more. We boost their self-esteem and foster a positive attitude to learning. Students have accomplished great results with the input from our highly select team of outstanding tutors, all of whom are qualified teachers with classroom experience.

Language Clinic

Tutor’s Language Clinic benefits students who have not had a rich language development opportunity prior to formal schooling (largely second language English speakers.) With a reading passage as a basis, students complete various language-based tasks, including repeated reading, the use of punctuation, sequencing events within a story, new vocabulary, spelling and comprehension. Students also learn and practice phonics and basic sight words to promote reading fluency. In addition, they are encouraged, in a supportive and positive atmosphere, to speak the language and so gain confidence in their own ability to express themselves in English.
Tutor is also using this methodology with amazing results at Heritage Academy, Prestbury, Longmarket, Laddsworth, Northern Park and Scottsville Primary Schools and at Tutor House in King Edward Ave.

High School Science

High school science at TUTOR is facilitated by qualified and trained tutors who are passionate about their subjects and sensitive to the particular needs of each student in their care.

Tutoring in physics and chemistry is guided by the requests of individual students, and the application of the tutor's experience in and knowledge of each curriculum. Access to a variety of resources allows the opportunity for the 3 factors essential to success in the subject; understanding, practice and confidence in application.

Fractions Workshops

At TUTOR we run regular workshops on fractions with hands-on exploration of fractions and decimal fractions.

Many children struggle with the concept of fractions, but with our highly interactive workshops and opportunities for manipulating concrete objects, we remove the 'mystery' and your child will learn to master the challenges associated with fractions.

The introduction of decimal fractions, and subsequent manipulating and computing of decimals, stumps many senior primary children. Our child-centred workshops have been consistently successful in giving children the understanding and confidence to apply new knowledge in the classroom.

Matric English Poetry Masterclass

Divided into three 3-hour workshops, this masterclass will not only give you greater understanding of the poems, but also the skills to clearly convey that understanding within the exams context.

Afrikaans Poetry Masterclass

This masterclass comprises four separately bookable, 3-hour workshops, which together cover al the prescribed poems and short stories for the grade 12 exam.

Afrikaans Taal Fun Workshop

This fun workshop will cover word skills including
* Meervoude (Plurals)
* Verkleinwoorde (Diminutives)
* Teenoorgesteldes (Opposites)
* Trappe van vergelyking (Degrees of comparison)

Sentence structure will be addressed, including
* Die STOMPI reel (The STOMPI rule)
* Negatiewe vorm (Negative form)
* Toekomende tyd (Future tense)
* Verlede tyd (Past tense)

A great emphasis will be placed on vocabulary extension which will ultimately improve students' comprehension of both written and oral Afrikaans as well as boost their ability to express themselves in the written and oral forms. They will practice the sometimes very challenging sounds of the Afrikaans language to refine their pronunciation.

Students will play games, topics will be relevant to real life experiences, and all learning will be in a non-threatening, enjoyable format. Immersion in Afrikaans as a second language will kick-start real development in their grasp of the patterns of the language and its meaning.

Creative Writing Course

Students will:
* Learn to write their own story modeled on an example of good English text.
* Practice using mind mapping and other tools for planning and organising a well-structured narrative text.
* Understand the stages through which a narrative should progress
* Explore how to use appropriate language for the genre
* Examine adjectives, adverbs and verbs as a means to creating compelling and interesting text that engages the reader.
* Gain a wider and more varied vocabulary that they can draw on for future written expression.
* Manipulate interesting and complex sentence structures
* Apply invaluable self-editing skills.

All these skills will be revised in their own written text and benefit any future written expression they are required to do as school assignments. With the small class size, students are assured of personal attention and immediate feedback. Dynamic and empathetic tutors will impart invaluable knowledge and skills in a nurturing and positive environment.
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